Carolyn E. Wright, a state Superior Court judge in Essex County, was charged On May 1, 2017 by the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct with allegations that she strong-armed Essex County court employees into helping her “nephew”, Benjamin Hayes, with his child custody case.

Wright also attempted to persuade fellow judges in Essex County’s Family Division into conducting an “emergent” hearing for the man. Wright later admitted that the man was not her nephew but a close friend, according to the ACJC complaint.

According to the ACJC’s complaint, state judges wear red lanyards while all other judiciary employees wear blue lanyards. Wright repeatedly flashed her red lanyard to court employees in an attempt to influence them.

Wright, 56, of East Orange, was a deputy chief assistant prosecutor in the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office prior to being appointed as a Superior Court judge in 2009 by Democratic Governor Jon Corzine. Wright received tenure in 2016 and will serve as a Superior Court judge until she reaches the mandatory retirement age of 70.

New Jersey State Senator Ronald Rice (D-Essex) recommended Wright’s nomination and said at the time:

“It’s a good opportunity to have an African-American female move to the bench. If you look at our judiciary, it’s lacking in African-Americans and other minority groups.”

View/Download the ACJC’s Complaint:

This appears to be another case of a dirty prosecutor turned dirty judge. It is a shame that this corrupt judge was not investigated earlier. Were it not for affirmative action, she would not have made it this far.