We’ll be watching…

The front runner for the Democratic Party nomination for New Jersey’s next Governor, Phil Murphy, announced in recent days that he would limit campaign spending in the general election. Not a surprise. Republican front runner Kim Guadagno is trailing Murphy  badly in several polls.

The tens of millions Murphy has spent to essentially lock up the Democratic Party nomination largely went to an aggressive ad campaign and a behind-the-scenes campaign to secure the endorsements of all 21 county Democratic Party chairmen.

Sources say that Murphy’s main opponents, Jim Johnson, State Senator Ray Lesniak, Assemblyman John Wisniewski, and attorney Bill Brennan have spent little to no money on opposition research. These are the same opponents who have accused Murphy of buying the election. One wonders why they have all failed to see  and expose the apparent conflicts of interest in Murphy’s donations to elected state officials and the donations coming into Murphy’s campaign.

Kim Guadagno, on the other hand, is likely to spend hundreds of thousands digging up dirt on Murphy, according to campaign officials. Whether any of that will impact Murphy’s poll numbers is yet to be seen.  While Murphy may be spending obscene amounts of money to buy influence and making promises to state and county Democratic Party officials, we have not yet seen any hints of personal corruption on his part.

In the coming weeks will be monitoring Murphy’s New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission filings very closely.