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Jewish Man Charged with Leaving Messages at Franklin Lakes Synagogue as a Part of Potential Scam

Temple Emanuel has been seeking federal grant funds for years based on bogus “threats”.

Franklin Lakes — Jonathan Alan Webman, 50, of Ridgewood, was charged today with bias intimidation and harassment after he left two voice messages at Temple Emanuel of North Jersey in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Webman’s neighbors confirmed to NJCorruption that he is indeed Jewish. The messages merely recited Holocaust history and referenced a Nazi figure.

The messages come amid the beginning of the application process for the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Nonprofit Security Grant Program. DHS and FEMA have appropriated $25,000,000 in funding this year for the program.  94% of funding goes to synagogues and other Jewish organizations, according to the Jewish Forward.

View/Download Temple Emanuel’s 2014 Nonprofit Security Grant Program Application

Citing bogus charges brought against two men in 2012 regarding minor vandalism at synagogues nearly 30 miles away, Temple Emanuel applied for nearly $20,000 in federal grant funds in 2014. The grant application was one of many filed in federal court in Washington D.C. in recent weeks.

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program requires that the organization applying for funding cite a terrorist attack and obtain a security assessment. Usually, synagogues simply cite unrelated incidents and threat messages.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office conducts free security assessments for politically connected synagogues, apparently in exchange for kickbacks as we previously reported. Temple Emanuel’s grant application states “We will also work through the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, who conducted the recent security assessment for TENJ.”

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There is no doubt that Temple Emanuel will once again use these harmless voicemails, left by a Jew, to secure more taxpayer money.  As for Webman, he has recently made his Facebook page private. He had proudly claimed to be a Conservative Jew on his Facebook page. Temple Emanuel is a “Conservative” synagogue according to its website.


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  1. And they wonder why they’re hated? Not just the money, but they stick their beaks into our government processes to plunder even more money and strip our rights. Speaking of rights, Hitler was right about these untermensch. Hans! Get the gas.

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