New Jersey Corruption

We expose public corruption.


Corruption has become a way of life for public officials in New Jersey. Whether it is bribery, graft, kickbacks, or self-dealing, New Jersey’s public employees–from State Senators to the Governor–are among the worst offenders in the United States.

Our goal is simple: expose public corruption. To achieve that end, we keep an eye on everyone from the lowliest of council members representing a town of 500 residents to Governor Chris Christie. With the help of attorneys and investigators, our reporters dig deep into allegations of public corruption.

We have filed lawsuits under the Open Public Records Act to obtain documents concealed by the state apparatus and we have proudly published scandalous records obtained from brave whistleblowers.

If you would like to report any allegations of public corruption, we’d be happy to investigate them and publish the results. We strive to protect the anonymity of our sources.

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